Where mercy and justice meet


At the end of 2014 we published the first Jubilee+ book, The Myth of the Undeserving Poor, in which we explored a Christian response to poverty in Britain today. The research for the book included a detailed study into media narratives, finding (among other things) that those in need in Britain today are largely voiceless when it comes to national press coverage of their plight. We also found that Christian attitudes to poverty in Britain today seem to be shaped more by the headlines we read in our media than the passages we read in the Bible. Political preference and proximity to poverty are also more likely to influence what we think about British poverty than our faith. Television programmes such as Channel 4’s Benefits Street have reinforced the narrative that some people deserve our help and some do not – some are ‘strivers’, while others are ‘skivers’. We believe that the view that some people are undeserving of our help is inherently unbiblical, and as such we are working hard to shatter the myth of the undeserving poor among churches and wider society.

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