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13 September, 2022

Jubilee+ Voices

Jubilee+ Voices

Have you ever wondered how people who come to your social action projects really feel as they walk through the door? We all hope we are welcoming, and we work hard to try to remove any shame or embarrassment, but are there ways in which we are unwittingly causing people to feel uncomfortable? If you’ve ever wanted to know what people coming to your projects really think, you might be interested in Jubilee+ Voices.

This autumn, we will be setting up Jubilee+ Voices, an advisory group made up of people living on the lowest incomes. The purpose of the group is to hear about people’s experiences of church-based social action and regular church activities, so that we can listen, learn and share lessons with churches across the UK.

Our hope is that those who have lived with the impact of poverty will shape our work at Jubilee+ and the work of local churches, so that together we break some barriers and bring change.

In the coming months, we will be working to establish our first advisory group. Our plan is to host three sessions, held in different locations, by the end of summer 2023.

We are particularly looking for people with experience of poverty who have engaged with church-based social action and/or regular church activities during the last five years.

The learning from these sessions will be shared through a short report for churches after each session via the Jubilee+ website and social media platforms, as well as the findings being shared through speaking engagements and at our annual conference. We will prepare a more detailed report each year, with recommendations for churches.

Some of the advisory group work could be filmed or recorded, so that participants’ voices are directly heard. These voices matter and are crucial to shaping the work we do as churches, and beyond.

We will be holding a zoom session for those who would like to know more about Jubilee+ Voices, and the first of these will be on 13th October at 7.30pm, with another planned for next year. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch via the details below.

Want to know more? Please contact Rosie Hopley at:

13 September, 2022

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