Claire Musters

My previous post focused on the main speakers at last week’s Faith + Justice conference, but the seminars were a key part of the programme too. I attended the ‘Issues track’, starting with a seminar on human trafficking in the morning. Gareth Davies of CARE did a fantastic job of giving us an overview of the history of human trafficking and jolting us into modern-day reality with some sobering facts, such as: trafficking is the second largest form of international crime – unlike drugs, people hold their value as they can be bought and sold many times.

After watching a superbly arresting video called, ‘Some things cost more than you realise’,

he went on to look at some countries that have made paying for sex illegal and the results that has had, as well as some of the things we as churches can do.

Our compassion can sometimes cause us Christians to jump in with real naivety as we are desperate to help, but Gareth (and representatives from OXCAT  and Justice & Care) pointed out where we can go for more information and training.

The second Issues seminar was on marriage, and Chris Le Marquand from Nexus took us through the biblical context, the development of marriage within society and also showed how, less than 20 years ago, marriage was still the golden standard for society generally. How much that view has changed in our country’s recent history! The question time touched on the issue of same-sex marriage, and Jubilee+’s Martin Charlesworth pointed out that we must make sure we get our tone as well as our content right.

It was great to be challenged by some brilliant speakers, but I was also extremely impressed to see representatives of so many amazing organisations at the conference too, such as Tearfund,  Theos, Justice and Care, Jubilee Centre, the Evangelical Alliance and Christian politicians from each of the major parties.

Book in now for the next Jubilee+ conference, Not Business As Usual.