Natalie Williams
Churches that Change Communities

"If your church closed down today, how long would it take for your community to know you had gone?"

That was the question posed by David Carr of Renewal Church Solihull at the Newfrontiers Everything Conference a couple of years ago. It has become increasingly relevant in British society against a backdrop of rising poverty and a widening gap between the wealthy and the poor.

Jubilee+ was set up a few years ago to initially help Newfrontiers churches in the UK to effectively engage with their communities, and particularly to increase their capacity to serve and impact the poor. We have since broadened our activities to all denominations. These include training leaders, providing resources, conducting research and running conferences. (Book in for our annual Churches that Change Communities conference here.)

One of the very exciting things we are currently working on is our first book, which is exploring Christian perspectives on poverty in the UK. We're asking how much our attitudes to the poor in Britain are shaped by our culture, the political climate, media narratives and the Bible. You can help us as we research how Christians think about poverty in Britain by taking a short survey. The survey closes this Friday 4th July, and we'll let you know the results when we publish the book in the autumn!