Jennie Pollock
Youth grants available

As she walked to church each week, Keila (not her real name) couldn't help but notice that there were several homeless women living on the streets immediately surrounding the church.

She had recently heard about the issue of period poverty - where women are unable to buy the sanitary products they need each month. So Keila applied for a £50 kickstarter grant to put together toiletry gift bags for the women, including sanitary products.

The idea caught on, and soon Keila's youth group started doing it regularly, with members of the youth donating toiletries and putting together the bags to hand out.

A need was noticed, an idea was formed, a grant was invested, and dignity was restored.


What needs have you noticed in your community? How could a £50 grant help your church's youth group kick-start a project that will tackle poverty where you live?

Jubilee+ has five grants of £50 available to church-based youth groups in the UK, and applications are open now.

To apply, simply download this form, fill it in, scan it, and email it to us, or just email the information required. Applications must arrive by midnight on Sunday, 30 September to be considered.

We'll only contact you if your application has been successful, and we won't sign you up to any mailing lists or anything, though if you win the grant, we'd love to hear how you use it, and maybe feature you in a future post. What have you got to lose?

Apply now.