Jennie Pollock
Know, pray, act: modern slavery

The second postcard we gave out at Newday this year was on the issue of modern slavery.

As Natalie Williams discovered recently, it could be happening almost on your doorstep. So what do you need to know, how can you pray, and is there anything you can do?


- It is estimated that there are 40.3 million slaves int he world today. The average time a person is enslaved for before escaping or being rescued is 20 months.
- Over 10 million slaves are children. Some are forced to work. Others are forced into propstitution or marriage to much older men.
- Slavery exists in our communities. It is estimated that there are tens of thousands of slaves in the UK today.

- For victims of modern slavery to be rescued and to find physical, emotional and spiritual safety.
- For justice - for police, governments and judges around the world to be effective at tackling modern slavery.
- For Christians and churches to care for survivors, to help those bringing justice, and to raise awareness.

- Learn how to spot the signs of modern slavery (start with this quick guide from modernslavery.co.uk). Report anything suspicious: 08000 121 700.
- Think about where you shop. Do they exploit people? Have they pledged to cut slavery from their supply chains?
- Use social media to spread the word that slavery still exists.

Extra! Extra!
One way Christians can make a practical difference is by offering safe accommodation to those rescued from slavery and human trafficking. The charity Hope at Home will have a stand at our forthcoming Churches that Change Communities conference where you can learn more about what this involves and how you can open your home to survivors of modern slavery.

Tickets are selling fast, so book into the conference today to ensure you don't miss out.