Richard Wilson
Five reasons to come to CTCC2019

This year the Jubilee+ annual Churches that Change Communities conference takes place in Bristol. As one who has attended most of the previous conferences and benefitted greatly from them, here are five reasons why I think you should join us there!

1. Because you haven't been to a Jubilee+ conference before (if you haven't!).
You will find it inspiring to discover something of what you have missed over the last eight years. Year on year Jubilee+ has been gathering momentum and influence with the vision to see the Church in the UK be a champion of the poor and a means to building healthy communities across the nation. In the main conference sessions, as well as in the seminars, you will gather a sense of what God is already doing both at a national level and through local ministries putting faith into action.

2. Because ministry flows out of relationships.
Many of those attending these conferences appreciate the opportunity to network with people with a similar passion and calling. We are stronger together in our local church, but we can be stronger together nationally too. Iron sharpens iron, as stories and experiences are shared, wisdom gained, and questions asked of others – often people who are one step ahead of us in a similar mercy ministry.

3. Because everything is centred on God's Word.
This may be stating the obvious, but in our busyness with social action ministries we need to be refreshed regularly on the Biblical basis for all that we do.

4. Because we are at a critical time in our nation's history.
We are seeing increased poverty, cuts in public spending, and a housing crisis; all things that are especially affecting the most vulnerable in our society. At the same time support for people in need is being reduced from traditional government channels. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for the Church but we need to both understand the context in which we live to be able to respond in appropriate ways, and be confident that we are the ones who can bring hope in times of change and uncertainty.

5. Because when you leave Bristol this November you will not be the same.
After spending time with others in the presence of God, you will be changed, inspired and envisioned to see more of God's kingdom come in your own local context. God is calling his people once more, in the prophet Micah's words, to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with him.

If you have mentally 'ticked' any one of these reasons sign up now and we'll see you in Bristol!

*NB: Book before midnight on 27 September to get the earlybird rate of just £25*

Tickets for the unwaged are £10.

More details and booking link here.