Katie Greene
Acts 435: meeting needs through online giving

£120 needed for a washing machine
£70 needed for spectacles and dental work
£90 needed to obtain photo ID

These are just a few of the needs currently listed on the Acts 435 website. The brief story listed alongside the need gives potential donors an idea of the circumstances of the family or individual behind the request. Donors can choose which needs they want to meet, and give as much or as little as they like towards them.

A decade of help

Acts 435 began in 2010 when a Yorkshire businessman wanted to create a way for donors to be able to give directly to those in need, and to know specifically where their donation was going.

Over the past ten years, Acts 435 has grown to be a national charity, locally based. It has made a difference in the lives of over 20,000 people, through the generous donations of hundreds of donors who have given over £2,000,000 to the needs of individuals throughout the UK.

In 2018 the charity was given the gold award for the Best Replicable Project at The Christian Funders' Forum.

How does it work?

Acts 435 is an online giving charity that works through partner churches and charities all over the UK. From food banks and toddler groups to homeless charities, anywhere a church or charity might see direct needs, Acts 435 can step in.

The charity currently operates through over 350 locally based partners across the UK, who may have one or more volunteer advocates. The local advocates are well placed to identify genuine needs in their community, and are trained to help an applicant with the process.

Through conversation with those they come into contact with, an advocate might see a need that an individual has, but doesn’t have the funds to meet. For example, their washing machine is broken, they need clothes after fleeing domestic violence, or they need proof of ID to obtain work. Whatever the cost, up to the value of £120, the advocate can post this need online. Once the money has been given, the advocate can meet again with the individual and give them the money or help them to source the item.

Small gift, big difference

Advocates based at The Well Cafe in West Auckland (pictured above) have seen that through Acts 435 and their other work in the community, relationships are being built over the long term, giving the opportunity to make a long-lasting – and even an eternal – difference in people’s lives:

'We find at times our Acts 435 clients return for support and friendship and often just out of gratitude for the help they have received and we get to know some quite well. Children from families who have been helped in the past by Acts 435 attend our Children’s Holiday Clubs and we all have a great time! A small number of people have come into the life of the church and we have had some church people themselves benefit from help with Acts 435 in times of crisis. We also have several Acts 435 donors in the congregation and we endeavour to keep a raised profile for the charity.’

Get Involved

Are you a member of a church, charity or organisation that would like to help meet the needs of individuals in their community? You can find out more about partnering with us here: www.acts435.org.uk/join.

If you would like to give directly to someone in need, please visit www.acts435.org.uk/give.

Would you like to pray for us, our Advocates and our recipients? You can subscribe to receive our monthly prayer bulletin by emailing us at: admin@acts435.org.uk.


Katie Greene is Communications Officer for Acts 435

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