Jennie Pollock

At the end of April, IJM UK launched a call to prayer - #UnsafeInLockdown - in relation to the increase in violence they are seeing around the world in the areas they are working in, especially violence against women and children, on-line sexual exploitation and slavery.

Would you join them to pray at this time?

Our Zoom meetings today - Wednesday, 6 May - are on this topic, too. If you're seeing this in time, do sign up for the 2.30pm or 3.30pm meetings. And whenever you're reading this, watch the video below from IJM UK's England Director, Esther Swaffield-Bray, pray for the situations listed underneath, and visit their website for more information or to sign up to their prayer mailing list.

Some things to pray for now:

Please pray for those trapped at home and at risk of deadly violence. Pray God would bring peace and safety to those homes and where necessary that help would arrive in time.

The IJM Uganda team have submitted a proposal for a 12-month COVID-19 response grant. This would help to combat violence against women and children occurring as a result of COVID-19. Please pray that the application would be successful.

UK & Europe
As we have seen in several of the countries where IJM teams work, instances of domestic violence and child sexual assault have gone up under lockdown. This is true across Europe as well. Please pray for the women and children who are suffering in their homes, for an end to domestic violence deaths and child abuse.

In the UK, calls to domestic violence helplines have increased by 120% while traffic to their websites is tripling. Please pray for the ability of law enforcement to receive their reports and respond in a timely manner in the face of the many demands this pandemic is placing on them.

Praise God!

This week, please join us in praising God for:

Africa & Europe
Praise God that we have been able to help support some survivors and their families during this time when they are struggling to afford food. A family in Uganda shared this message: “I am so grateful for the aid entrusted to me in this tragic situation, for it got me in a helpless moment. My children sent you greetings too, we are very happy for restoring hope in our life.”

South Asia
Praise God for the compassion and creativity survivors of bonded labour and sex trafficking are showing within their own communities in this season. We are so impressed by many of the survivors we serve—who have overcome heart-breaking violence—as they offer to distribute food aid, sew face masks, or do anything else they can to help others less fortunate. Pray for their ongoing health and safety, and for God to bless their outreach within the communities where they live.

To learn more, and sign up to receive weekly emails from IJM on this topic, visit the IJM UK website.


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This post was adapted from an IJM UK prayer email.