Jennie Pollock
Coming soon: A Call to Act

On 27 December 2019, Martin Charlesworth and Natalie Williams sent what they thought was the completed draft of their third book, A Call to Act to their publishers.

And then the world ground to a halt. Within weeks social action projects were having to make radical changes to the way they worked. Soon it was clear that some things had changed forever, and we were all going to have to prepare for a strange and mysterious 'new normal' that would – we hoped and prayed – one day come.

Martin and Natalie realised that a book that called the Church to act to fight poverty and injustice, but didn't mention the greatest shake-up of the economy that we have seen for generations, would be obsolete before it hit the shelves. 

So, with the publisher's permission, they wrote a whole new chapter, and made sure the existing text acknowledged the coronavirus. And this revised version will be arriving in bookshops, and landing on doormats, on 1 September 2020.

What is it about?
A practical tool for individual, churches, and small groups, and incorporating discussion questions and accompanying videos, A Call to Act demonstrates that, in order to engage with poverty and need, we must re-evaluate our own attitudes and adopt a poverty-busting lifestyle. There are undoubted challenges to embracing a life of simplicity but these are broken down into ideas for action. Whether getting up close to poverty, rejecting comfort in favour of compassion, or living with a more poverty-focused lifestyle, churches and individuals will be empowered to live out Jesus' principles of justice, mercy, and the care of creation within their own communities and the wider world.

Here's what people are saying about it:

How can you get a copy?
1) Sign up for our Churches that Change Communities online conference – we have a few Early Bird tickets remaining which include a free copy of the book;

2) Pre-order online from St Andrew's Bookshop, Eden BooksHive or Amazon;

3) Contact your local Christian bookshop, and ask them to order it in.

Still not convinced? We'll give the final word to Shane Claiborne: