Jennie Pollock
Coming soon: Churches that Change Communities 2020

Saturday, 7 November is the date for our annual Churches that Change Communities (CTCC) conference this year.

We are thrilled to be partnering with The Message Trust in Manchester for the event, but if that is too far for you to travel (and even if it isn't), never fear, you can attend from right where you are.

(Let's pause to pray for Manchester and other parts of northern England who have been put back into lockdown to prevent a recurrence of the spread of the coronavirus. Thank you.)

So how will CTCC2020 work?
We will be streaming the conference live from The Message Trust venue in the morning, with worship, prophetic contributions and keynote messages from Martin Charlesworth (Jubilee+) and Rachel Gardner (Youthscape). This time will be hosted by Martin Charlesworth and Sam Ward (Message Trust).

In the afternoon we will be releasing a massive SEVENTEEN pre-recorded seminars on topics as varied as 'Living prophetically after COVID-19', 'Empowering vulnerable people', 'The challenge of rising debt' and many more. And the really great news is - you don't have to choose! Those registered will be able to listen to any number of these seminars during the month of November, before they are made more widely available on our website.

Who should book in?
If you've read this far - you should! The event is designed to encourage and equip you if you are already working on the front line of social action and if you have a heart to see your church serving the most disadvantaged in our communities.

Whether you are already making a difference and need a fresh jolt of inspiration and encouragement, or are just looking in thinking 'There is so much need, where do I start?', this conference is for you.

So let's take action. Book now, to be inspired by what God is doing and empowered to play your part.