Jennie Pollock
Welcome Churches need your help...

In response to the government's New Plan for Immigration, along with others from across the UK Church, Welcome Churches are planning to collate a picture of what the Christians and churches are doing across the UK to support refugees and asylum seekers. They then hope to present this evidence to the government, to engage in a conversation with them about the importance of welcome and hospitality in the Christian faith.

This will put them in a stronger position to work with the Home Office, to come up with realistic solutions to the concerns they have with the New Plan for Immigration as it currently stands.

In order to do this they need your help quickly! Could you please complete this survey by Sunday 25th April? 

They are asking any church, Christian organisation or individual Christian with experience of welcoming and supporting refugees and asylum seekers to complete this, and the more people who complete it, the better the picture will be.

The survey can be found at: https://forms.gle/8rw5owr2bb2hC3Mc7

Learn more here: https://welcomechurches.org/updates/respond-to-governments-new-plan-for-immigration 

Thank you for your help.