Write to your MP today

"The lockdown measures to combat Covid hit the poorest the hardest. Many will suffer the financial equivalent of long Covid unless government intervenes. The Reset the Debt proposals offer a clear and targeted pathway to ensure that indebtedness accumulated during the pandemic does not further harm the life-chances of vulnerable households."

These are the words of David McIlroy, Convenor of Jubilee Centre's post-Covid Taskforce on Debt. Members of the taskforce have been collaborating with JPIT (the Joint Public Issues Team) and contributing to their Reset the Debt campaign.

As a result of this campaign, a backbench debate has been granted tomorrow, Thursday 8th July, on the impact of Covid on household debt. This is a vital opportunity to propose solutions to the debt crisis which help alleviate the huge pressures that unmanageable debt puts on relationships and wellbeing. Those solutions must also ensure that poorest households don't face eviction as a result of Covid debts; any such evictions would cost the state more in welfare provision than the preventive measure of debt write down.

If you are a UK resident, would you please write to your local MP today to urge them to attend the debate?

You can use this email template, which includes some of the key facts, to invite your MP to attend the backbench debate – it need only take a couple of minutes.

This is an opportunity to put our faith into action around this key issue. Please do take a minute to write to your MP today.

This post was adapted from an email from Jonathan Tame, Executive Director of Jubilee Centre.