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Within our nation there is growing awareness of the challenges being faced by older people. Not only are there more and more older people in the UK, but there are also increasing pressures on state social care and healthcare infrastructure. It’s estimated that there will be an additional 1.1 million over 65s in Britain by 2020 compared with 2015. The UK’s Local Government Association says that loneliness among older people is now ‘a major public health concern’. As well as this, according to an Age UK survey in December 2014, 2.9 million older people (65+) in Great Britain feel they have no one to turn to for help and support. Many churches in Britain are reaching out to older people, particularly those who are isolated or lonely, by running visiting and befriending schemes, various social gatherings, exercise classes and other activities. Some also offer nursing and even residential care. At Jubilee+ we recently conducted research into the impact of church projects that support older people.

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