Where mercy and justice meet


In their seminal research report Breakdown Britain, the Centre for Social Justice identified family breakdown as one of its five causes of (or ‘pathways to’) poverty, as well as a consequence of poverty. It highlighted that a million children are growing up without meaningful relationships with their fathers and, in addition to damaging individuals and society as a whole, family breakdown affects the economy too – costing £44 billion each year. We believe that healthy families are vital to healthy communities. Churches across the UK are supporting families facing a range of issues, from marriage difficulties to bereavement, from pregnancy crisis to parenting courses, from toddler groups to education mentoring, from fostering and adoption to breakfast clubs for dads. There are numerous ways in which churches can become involved in strengthening families and supporting those who have faced family breakdown. There is much evidence, including our own research into early years intervention, to suggest that what we are doing is making a difference in the lives of those families and children we are reaching.

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