Geoff Knott

A song promoting credit unions and warning of the ‘dangers’ of payday loans was launched recently by The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Taskforce on Responsible Credit and Savings. It tells the story of young people who get into debt because of pay-day loans and is dedicated to all those struggling and trying to make ends meet.
We Need A Union On The Streets, by music producer Charles Bailey and featuring Delilah and rapper Question Musiq, was inspired by the Archbishop of Canterbury's efforts to expand Britain's network of credit unions.
Charles states, “We must protect the younger generation from unfair pay-day lenders. After hearing Archbishop Justin Welby speaking out, I was inspired to write this song with the help of a very talented team.”
It starts with MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis warning, “Pay-day loans gone wrong are a horrendous thing.” The rap calls for more credit unions with the line, “Yeah it's unfair but they don't care, the rich get richer while the poor get less.”
The video has been featured on Good Morning Britain, ITN 6 o'clock news and BBC news, as well as in the Daily Mail and The Independent.
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