Tirzah Copping (9)
A 9-year-old's joy at foodbank volunteering

My mum and I have been volunteering at our local foodbank for over a year now. I live in quite a poor area where lots of people are struggling with their basic needs. I volunteer because it makes me happy knowing how many people I am helping.

There are lots of things I can do to help at the foodbank, like writing the 'use by' date on the food and making up boxes in the pick room and cutting food lists.

It is good to be part of a team. After the food has been donated other volunteers bring it to the foodbank and it gets put in the pick room. Then I put food and basic things like tea and shampoo in crates and they get given to all the people who need them.

Volunteering at the foodbank has really made me realise how many people out there need help and I think knowing that has made me more grateful for all of the things that I have. I have recently met an old man at the foodbank who didn't have any furniture so mum and I gave him our spare bed and I spent my five pounds on special food that I thought he would like.

Making him really happy made me fill up with joy.