Jennie Pollock
Know, pray, act: personal debt

At Newday this year we made the decision to focus on raising awareness among the young people across four key areas: personal debt, modern slavery, homelessness and food poverty.

For each area we gave them three facts, three prayer prompts and three suggested actions they could take to begin making a difference, all printed on handy postcards to take away. Over the next couple of months we will be sharing the content of those postcards with you - if you'd like hard copies, they will be available at the Churches that Change Communities conference.


- People in the UK owed over one and a half TRILLION pounds at the end of April 2018. Average credit card debt per home is £2,613.
- 1 person is declared bankrupt every 4 minutes 44 seconds.
- Some people get into debt to survive; other people are caught up in a culture of buying luxuries they can't afford.

- For people in debt - it can lead to suicide, family breakdown etc.
- For changes to the law that will stop companies being able to exploit people with high interest and trap them in debt.
- For Christians and churches to offer help and hope to people regardless of why they're in debt.

- Learn how to budget well and use money wisely. Set an example to those around you.
- Cultivate a generous heart. Ask God for opportunities to give money away.
- Find out where people in debt can get support (start here) so you can point them to help that's available.

Extra! Extra!
This Friday, 5th October, BBC2 will be showing an hour-long documentary about the work of CAP (Christians Against Poverty) and highlighting how local churches are making a difference in the lives of those who are trapped in debt and other financial difficulties.

Watch the programme. If it's good, tell others, and write to the BBC to thank them. Pray for all those involved, and for the many viewers who may be encouraged to seek help from CAP debt centres as a result. Learn more on the CAP website.

To learn more about debt, including what churches across the country are doing to help, visit the Debt page in our Issues section.

To book into the conference, and collect all four of the postcards, click here.