Jennie Pollock
Know, pray, act: food poverty

Last summer we printed a number of postcards profiling different areas of need in our society. We have been featuring them over the months, and today have come to the last one, on food poverty.

Food poverty is a high-profile issue in Britain today, with foodbanks regularly in the news. This familiarity can become an overload, causing us to switch off to the reality of the need.

As I was serving at my local foodbank last weekend, a potential volunteer came in wanting to see what it was all about and to find out whether he would be a good fit for one of the teams. He told me that he had known about foodbanks for some time, and had thought they were "a nice way of helping out". It was only once he moved to a new area and began to see the poverty around him, and to really think about it, that he realised what it meant to have no food and no money to get any. He decided he needed to play his part in helping. 

How can you help?


- 428 Trussell Trust foodbanks gave out over 1.3 million food parcels in 2017/18. (That's not including independent fodbanks.)
- 484,026 of these food parcels went to children (under 18).
- 1 in 4 parents in Britain skipped meals due to lack of money for food.

- For people who don't have enough to eat.
- For politicians to create policies that help the poorest, and measure food insecurity.
- For foodbank volunteers to show God's kindness and compassion to those who come to them for help.

- Donate food to your nearest foodbank. Volunteer if you can.
- Buy lunch for someone in need, or share yours with someone who doesn't have enough to eat.
- Get informed (start with our quick guide) and then raise awareness among your friends in the church and beyond.

Extra! Extra!
The Trussell Trust is currently running a campaign called #5WeeksTooLong, calling on the Government to scrap the five week wait for money when benefits claimants are moved onto Universal Credit. You can join the campaign, sign the petition, and make your voice heard in this big, united push to influence this damaging policy area. Learn more...