Gemma Gillard
There’s room at the inn for everyone

Celebrating Christmas this year is going to take some creativity, some determination, some resolve. Schools, nurseries, churches, care homes are not going to have a stream of visitors bringing offerings of card, mince-pie and mull.

Rightly so, much has been made of care home residents being prohibited from seeing their family and friends recently. But sadly 60% of residents received no visitors even before the pandemic and so they are “entirely isolated from the wider community”, as one care home worker told us recently.

That little line of the nativity, usually delegated to a little innkeeper, “you can’t come in” is going to be said by many this year and remain the general undercurrent of the season. Isolating the most isolated, keeping the lonely at arm’s length.

Enter Truth be Told.

Truth Be Told has been tasked by care home provider LuxuryCare to bring joy and hope to their residents this Christmas regardless. This is our role week in, week out all through the year in pandemic or peace. So in association with Gateway Church, Poole and our friends at ReBorne Church, Sherborne we are busy. Busy creating a 30-minute nativity-style video with more than 40 children aged 0-12 singing, dancing and telling the bespoke story of Christopher the Christmas Snowman. Click on the image below to watch the trailer (opens in Twitter, but you don't need a Twitter account to watch.)

Here at Truth Be Told, we think big. And so why stop at one care home provider in one town in one country of the UK?! We have decided to make our video available entirely free to any care home, sheltered housing provider, church or any other organisation that might like to bring some joy and hope to those isolated or lonely this Christmas.

The video will be available to premier in your setting anytime from Monday 14 December. Just visit our website and enter your details (scroll down to find the yellow form) to be sent a direct link to your inbox when it’s popcorn time.

Please do shout about the project. Tell anyone who might be interested because we want our creativity, determination and resolve to be contagious this Christmas.

There is room at the inn for everyone.

Gemma Gillard is founder of the award-winning intergenerational storytelling project ‘Truth Be Told’. Entrepreneur, storyteller, speaker, writer, aka Pinnie Pockets!


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