Jennie Pollock
Jubilee+ speaks about UC on Sunday Politics

On Sunday (21 October), Natalie Williams was invited onto the BBC's Sunday Politics show for the SouthEast region to discuss the further delay to the rollout of Universal Credit. 

As well as calling for some key changes to the way in which Universal Credit is administered, Natalie called for politicians on both sides of the debate to put aside their 'tribal' lines and genuinely listen to the concerns of those who have experience with UC.

Natalie shared this story of a foodbank volunteer who is in work but unable to make ends meet without her UC payment. When the DWP made an error and underpaid her - by over £400 - she had no choice but to turn to her own foodank to seek their help. 

Watch the programme on the BBC iPlayer (available until 18 November). The segment starts at 17:35.

Natalie will be giving a seminar on what it means to be merciful to the poorest - and to the powerful - at our annual conference this year. For more information and to book tickets visit: https://jubilee-plus.org/events/33/churches-that-change-communities-2018