Natalie Williams
Measure for food poverty is vital step

The Government announced on Tuesday that it will officially measure food insecurity in the UK. A survey due to be sent to 20,000 households in April will include 10 new questions from the Department for Work & Pensions. The questions will seek to find out how often people skip meals or go hungry because they do not have enough money to buy enough food, as well as whether they can afford healthy food.

Jubilee+ welcomes this news. When we recently met with Work & Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, one of our recommendations to her was for the Government to demonstrate it cares about poverty in our communities by measuring it. While this doesn't go as far as we would like, it is an important and significant step in the right direction.

Ms Rudd's predecessors have resisted calls from campaigners to follow the example set by the US and Canada in measuring food poverty. However, charities such as End Hunger UK, the Trussell Trust and Church Action on Poverty have continued to work tirelessly to achieve this turnaround.

We hope that the Government will now seriously consider trying to achieve cross-party support for a full measure of poverty in the UK.