Jubilee+ Team
Knife-crime wake-up call

The BBC has today revealed that there have been 100 fatal stabbings in the UK since the beginning of 2019. 

"Those killed in 2019 range in age from 14-year-old Jaden Moodie, who was stabbed in Leyton, east London in January - to 80-year-old Barbara Heywood, who was attacked at her home in Bolton in March."

Eighty-three of the victims were male, 47 were less than 30 years old. And it isn’t just a London problem - 70 of these deaths weren’t in the capital.

This should utterly shock us.  

Ben Lindsay, CEO of Power the Fight, a Christian charity working to empower communities to end youth violence, said:

“While this news isn’t surprising, I’m hopeful this is a massive wake up call to the UK church to start to be equipped and trained to be part of the solution. At Power the Fight we value collaboration and upskilling communities to be empowered to engage with this issue.”

Find out more about what Power the Fight does and how your church can get involved in tackling this issue on the Power the Fight website.

Image credit: BBC website