Jubilee+ Team
Annual Review 2019/20

It is easy to live under the weight of the headlines we see or hear almost daily. If you’re concerned about poverty and are pursuing God’s heart of compassion for those in desperate need, you may have experienced a growing sense of despair over the last year.

It is true that the statistics are far from encouraging, and so many of the people around us have heart-breaking stories to tell.

But we must not lose sight of the fact that God deeply cares about those in need. He is concerned about the plight of the homeless, the hungry, the forgotten. And his vision goes far beyond relieving a person’s crisis. It’s about taking those that some would say have nothing to offer, and transforming them into “oaks of righteousness”, rebuilders of ancient ruins, restorers of “places long devastated” (Is. 61:3-4).

Wherever we look in the Bible, God has always been especially concerned for those facing poverty and injustice. Jesus spent most of his time with people others wouldn’t mix with. He ate with the despised and marginalised. He was familiar with sorrow.

Jesus met the immediate needs of those around him, and he told the religious leaders not to neglect the “weightier matters” of mercy and justice.

Our vision at Jubilee+ is to see churches of all denominations and individual Christians increasingly imitate Jesus. We want to act like him but, above all, we want to have his heart for those around us.

This is why we’re dedicating ourselves to equipping local churches to be powerful forces for good in their locations, to support people as they climb out of poverty, and to make their communities healthier for all, irrespective of wealth, status or background.

In our annual review booklet this year, we report on what that has looked like for us in 2019, and what we expect to see coming down the line in 2020. Download it here to see how you can stand with us in prayer and partnership, and how we can help your church meet the needs of those most affected by poverty in your community.