Natalie Williams
The secret to freedom from money worries

Natalie Williams recently wrote the following post for Premier Christianity:

"A couple of years ago, challenged by the story of John Wesley, who refused to adjust his lifestyle as his salary increased but instead gave huge portions of his income away to help people in poverty, I decided to go through my bank statements. I looked at how much I’d spent over a two-month period on luxuries, essentials, giving away, and ‘grey areas’.

"I was kind to myself – every supermarket purchase was marked as ‘essential’, despite the fact that items such as wine would have been included. (Heads up: I’m told wine is not essential!) I counted my broadband and mobile phone bills as ‘essentials’, along with petrol. I refused to put life insurance in the ‘luxuries’ category, even though it probably should go there. Instead I created ‘grey areas’ to cover such expenditure.

"I’ll be honest with you, I expected to emerge from this exercise feeling pretty good about myself. I was preparing a talk on the dangers of materialism, and I often speak and write on being merciful and generous. More importantly, I try to practise what I preach..."

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