Jubilee+ Team
No evictions into homelessness

Jubilee+ is delighted to have been able to co-sign the recent letter sent by NACCOM (The No Accommodation Network) to the Home Secretary, Priti Patel.

The letter was signed by leaders from within a number of different faith groups, including representatives from Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Hindu communities. It comes after the discovery in September that the Home Office had restarted evictions from asylum accommodation for people with a negative asylum decision in England, following a halt on evictions since March. There are plans to restart evictions in Wales and Scotland, too. NACCOM comments, "The move will leave thousands of people homeless and unable to access vital support because of their immigration status during an unprecedented public health crisis."

The letter states, "Government directives in response to Covid-19 have enabled people from all backgrounds to find life-saving shelter and support, but long-term plans to protect people from the pandemic’s continued threat can and must include everyone. It cannot be right that anyone should face a return to homelessness in the middle of a devastating pandemic, simply due to their immigration status."

You can read the letter online, or download a PDF version.

Our Zoom meeting on 11 November will be led by NACCOM's Paul Catterall, and will be looking at the issue of homelessness among refugees and asylum seekers. Book your free place here.


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