Jubilee+ Team
Churches that Change Communities 2021

While the pace of the vaccine roll-out and the Government’s road map may have given many of us hope for the future, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, especially for the poorest in our nation.

At the 11th annual Jubilee+ Churches that Change Communities  conference, we will be exploring what comes next. With many of our churches already at the forefront of social action and justice in our communities, what will we do if the needs around us rise significantly? How will we support those who were already in poverty and those who have been plunged into it by the economic impact of the pandemic?

Churches all across the country are asking, “What next?” At Jubilee+ we believe it is time to move beyond projects: we want to see people set free from poverty and injustice and empowered to stay free.

This year’s conference will be a ‘hybrid’ event, taking place in-person and online, giving you the choice of how to get involved. Our new CEO, Natalie Williams, and the Message Trust’s Sam Ward will deliver the keynote talks, to both ‘in-person’ and ‘online’ delegates. There will be a range of seminar options – some will be delivered live, and two of these will be live-streamed; others will be pre-recorded for our online delegates (learn more about them here). Worship will be led by the band from the Message Trust; and all delegates (in-person and online) will have exclusive access to all streamed and recorded content for a month following the event, before they are more widely released.

Whether you’re itching to join us in Manchester for networking and all the face-to-face elements of the event, or you’d prefer to enjoy the conference from the comfort of your own home, we are looking forward to welcoming you to this year’s Churches that Change Communities!

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In-person delegates will need to choose their seminar options when booking, so do check out the choices before you book.

We look forward to seeing you there!