Jubilee+ Team
Supporting people with addiction

At this year's Churches the Change Communities conference we released our preliminary research report looking at what UK churches are already doing to support those suffering with addictions.

Addiction is a significant problem in our nation. In a typical group of 100 adults, there are approximately six addicted to alcohol, 19 to nicotine and one to another drug. And of course some of these will be struggling with addiction to more than one drug.

When it comes to issues such as food poverty and debt, the work of churches across the country is well documents. However, when it comes to support for those suffering with addictions, the picture is less clear. We wanted to build a picture of what churches are currently doing in their communities to tackle addictions and support those who struggle with them, so that other churches looking to make a difference can see and understand what is already working.

Today we are gathering a group of organisations involved in prevention of or recovery from addictions to review the research and begin to consider our next steps. Our initial report was, as we anticipated, a very high-level, broad-brush look at the scale of the issue and the scope of the existing response. It left us with more questions than answers, and today's symposium is a chance to look at those questions and decide which God is leading us to pursue further as we seek to help and equip others to follow best practice.

You can download the report here. And if you are involved in work with addictions, please let us know by emailing