Jubilee+ Team
J+ supports All Kids Count campaign

The odds are stacked against children who grow up in poverty. The evidence is clear: they're more likely to fall behind in school, more likely to suffer from ill health, more likely to struggle to find a well-paid job as adults and more likely even to die prematurely.

Yet in 2015 the British Government passed legislation imposing a two-child per household limit on Child Tax Credits and Universal Credit, which came into effect on 6 April 2017. This means that "from 6 April 2017, [many*] low-income families having a third or subsequent child lost their entitlement to additional support through child tax credit and universal credit, worth £2,780 per child per year." (Source: Tom Sefton et al, ALL KIDS COUNT: The impact of the two-child limit after two years, June 2019. *Some exceptions do apply.)

Jubilee+ is adding its voice to the All Kids Count campaign, launched today by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and the Church of England, calling on the Government to abolish the two-child limit. Over 50 charities, churches and faith groups have signed up to support the campaign.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Natalie Williams, our Head of Communications & Policy, said, "Jubilee+ opposes the two-child limit because it will push tens of thousands of children into poverty and make the lives of many more children already facing poverty even harder. That's why we're supporting the All Kids Count campaign to see it abolished."

What can you do?

1) Pray: pray that the Government will listen to the concerns of campaigners and act quickly to abolish this policy and ensure that all families get the support of our social safety net when they need it the most.

2) Share: Jubilee+ will be sharing messages across our social media channels today and tomorrow in support of the campaign. Please like/retweet/share/repost as appropriate to make as big a splash as possible around the launch.

Keep an eye on CPAG’s social media too - they will be sharing key information and quotes such as this:

'Instead of enjoying the birth of our baby, we have dealt with hardship and having to scrape together for meals. Borrowing money from family for milk and nappies and ending ourselves in a stressful amount of debt.' - a parent on the impact of the two-child limit. #AllKidsCount

3) Support: think about families you know who have had a third or subsequent child since 6 April 2017, or who are expecting a child. Ask God to show you what their needs might be - physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually - and how you might be able to help ease the burden.