Jubilee+ Team
An election prayer for our nation

This weekend our Natalie Williams recorded a prayer for our nation ahead of the General Election 2019. It was broadcast by TWR and you can listen to the recording here, or read the text below.

Please feel free to use this prayer in your churches, home groups, Bible Study groups and personally.


As part of my role at Jubilee+, I often have the privilege of speaking at churches and conferences around the country about God’s special concern for those facing poverty. We see in the Bible that throughout all of human history, God is angry about poverty and injustice, and calls people to not only share his righteous anger about these things, but to actively support people who are oppressed or marginalised or vulnerable – to help them climb out of poverty.

In Micah 6 verse 8, we read that God requires his children to act justly and to love mercy.

Mercy is my favourite word. It means active loving-kindness towards those who have no right to expect it. I’m so grateful that God has shown me so much mercy.

Mercy isn’t a word we hear commonly used today.

Think how different our society would be if mercy was more commonly not only on our lips but also in our hearts. It would change our politics, our media, our welfare system, our neighbourhoods, the Brexit debate, even our churches.

Father, we pray for your mercy to be on display in our nation during this election. We pray that you would give us politicians who have mercy and compassion in their hearts. We ask you for candidates to be elected who are of good character – those who are wise, honest and have integrity. Please give us as representatives who care about the common good more than self-interest. Please give us leaders who care about tackling poverty, injustice and inequality.

We pray for those who become our next cohort of MPs. Help them to be mindful of the great responsibility they have and the impact their actions could have on thousands or even millions of people across the UK.

Jesus, we ask you for politicians who reflect something of you in their character. Please give us merciful, compassionate, empathetic MPs.

And please surround our MPs with godly men and women who can encourage them when their job is hard, who can bring wise counsel when it’s needed, and who can be those who aren’t afraid to speak into their lives honestly. Help us to be good friends to our MPs, even when we disagree. Help us, as Christians, to be merciful towards them, to honour them and encourage them, and where we have close contact with them, to help them stay grounded and mindful of the huge good they can do in this role.

Father, we ask you to protect those running for office. Please have mercy on them, protect their families and their loved ones, and keep them safe from harm. In this present culture, please protect their hearts and minds from the abuse that is directed at them. We pray that even in this current climate of vitriolic politics, would you bring calm to our nation during this election?

Where there are politicians or prominent voices in the media who would stir up division and tension, please would you lower the volume on those voices, and bring to the foreground the voices of those who are respectful to others and can disagree well with their opponents. Please would you turn up the volume on those voices?

In all the political chaos of the last several months, it seems to require huge faith to pray for wise political leadership, economic stability, social harmony, and national unity. But you are a miracle-working God, and nothing is impossible for you, so we pray for these things too.

Father we ask you for the church in the UK – all of those who love and follow Jesus, regardless of denomination – to rise up. Would we be those who show mercy to both the powerful, and the poorest. Equip us and empower us by your Holy Spirit to do all the good we can to all the people we can – help us to support people who are in desperate need. Please empower us to plead the cause of those in need, to defend their rights and speak up for them and with them. Equip us and empower us to be voices of encouragement and wisdom to those who will be making decisions that affect the poorest.

Ultimately Jesus we ask you for politicians who will do us good, as a nation, but particularly for those who will do good for those facing poverty and injustice. Please pour out your mercy on our nation at this time. In Jesus’ name. Amen