Natalie Williams
Time to pray

Each day during the coronavirus pandemic, we hear shocking news. The death of a five-year-old, the death of a 13-year-old, the deaths of nurses, the deaths of doctors... and now our Prime Minister in intensive care with Covid-19.

Boris Johnson being seriously ill is perhaps shocking because he carries an air of invincibility, but this virus is indiscriminate. It crosses all barriers of status, race, politics, gender, wealth, age, and power.

This is a time for Christians to pray earnestly – for our leaders and for our neighbours. It doesn’t matter if we have everything in common or completely disagree with each other, the Bible is clear – followers of Jesus are to love God, love their neighbours and love their enemies. And we’re to pray for those in authority and humble ourselves and pray for our nation.

Let us love not just with words but with actions. Let us express our faith with deeds. Let’s pray for Boris Johnson to come through this. Let’s pray for protection on frontline healthcare professionals. Let’s pray for everyone facing sickness or loss at the moment. Let’s pray for our nation and for nations where social distancing is not possible.