Dave Smith
New Report Stresses Benefits of Hosting Vulnerable Women

Hosting Her, by researchers Lisa Young and Tessa Horvath, explores how host housing schemes – which enable members of the public to offer a room in their house to someone in need –  can support some homeless women when delivered well. It identifies key considerations for existing schemes and those delivering women-specific host housing in the future.

The report found that recruitment and vetting processes, training and support for hosts vary between existing hosting projects. Some schemes use DBS checks on all residents of the host property, whereas others do DBS checks on one host in the household only. One service described that some schemes do not use DBS checks at all, posing a risk to women’s safety.

21 of 23 interviewees from hosting and housing schemes, women’s services, guests and hosts, were supportive of women-specific hosting as a potential option for some women, reflecting on difficulties women face accessing appropriate accommodation. The report warns, however, that hosting must be delivered well and should not become a replacement for other housing options and specialist services for women.

For further reading you can download the Full Report or the Executive Summary.