Dave Smith
Barrow Cadbury Covid-19 Support Fund

We have £5 million to distribute for work that will relieve hardship caused by the pandemic among refugees and migrants experiencing barriers to accessing services.

The programme was designed to support small to medium sized organisations with a mission to support refugees and migrants and was open for a three week period. The fund closed on 2 August, but we had slightly fewer application than expected so have re-opened it for a second round of applications and extended the eligibility criteria. The programme is now open to organisations with an income of £10,000 to £3 million that provide services and support targeted at refugees and migrants. This includes organisations that only work with these groups and those that have more general objects but are seeking to maintain or expand existing services targeted at refugees and migrants.

There is no deadline for applications but we will close the programme once we have enough applications to ensure the funds are spent, while keeping success rates high. Organisations that met the original criteria for the programme and applied by 2 August will have priority and be assessed first. As we have not set a close date we recommend that if your organisation is eligible you should submit your application without delay.

The maximum you can apply for is £50,000 or three months’ expenditure, whichever is the smaller. Decisions will be made by mid-October and grants must be spent within six months.

Full details of the grant process can be found on the Barrow cadbury website here.