Dave Smith
Useful Resources for Organisations working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers

LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum - UKLGIG

LGBTQI people are experiencing increased threats to their safety within asylum support accommodation during COVID-19. They also continue to face acute challenges securing protection through the asylum determination system. UKLGIG offers a helpline, emotional support and referral to solicitors for LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum, and training for organisations supporting them. 

Reopening after Covid closedown - Cranfield Trust

Cranfield Trust Training has launched 'A Practical Guide to Re-Opening after Covid Closedown’ webinar. It supports you to consider the near future of your charity's survival and recovery from the epidemic. 

Returning to Face to Face Guide - Refugee Action

This Returning to Face to Face Guide developed by Refugee Action aims to help organisations prioritise their clients and services, whilst reflecting how organisations operate differently, with different clients and services. You can read how two organisations have approached this - Brushstrokes and DASH - and access a library of resources to support you through this process. 

Homeless Link Homelessness & COVID Resource List

This resource list provides contacts for specialist services as well as service adaptation tools, and includes information and guidance on a range of themes.

Post lockdown planning resources – NACCOM

NACCOM has produced a digest of resources for organisations in the refugee and migration field who are supporting people who are destitute. They are designed to help organisations to respond and sustain their services