Dave Smith
Hospitality and Sanctuary for All 2021 now available as a book.

Border crossing is a crucial contemporary issue. No one chooses to be a refugee. No one wants to leave home. The vast majority of people don’t move to another country. However, dangers to life force people to move. Each year up to 1 billion people cross a border. Every two seconds, a person is forced to flee for safety. Every day 44,000 more people are driven from their homes.

As well as providing vital background information, the book addresses the issue of refugees and immigration from a Biblical perspective.

This resource, produced for churches, offers prompts for conversation and reflection on the theme of hospitality and sanctuary. It contains suggested group discussions and activities, and can also be used for personal study and reflection. The Order of Service provided can be used at an Act of Worship (midweek or on a Sunday eg Sanctuary Sunday or Racial Justice Sunday).

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