Dave Smith
JPIT calls for an end to the 'Hostile Environment'.

The report from the The Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT), which comprises representatives of the Baptist Union, Methodist Church, United Reformed Church, and Church of Scotland, calls for the end of the hostile environment, a number of government of policies designed to make life difficult for immigrants.

It calls for a full independent review of Home Office immigration policy and practice and an examination of the damaging effect the policies of the hostile environment have on the whole of society.

The report points to the devastating effects on the Windrush Generation of the Government’s hostile-environment policy, but syas that the Windrush scandal is "just the tip of the iceberg", claiming that the web of the hostile environment has a far wider reach than that.

The JPIT has launched a campaign to challenge the hostile environment, calling on other Christian groups to follow its lead, and for a “hospitable environment” to be created.