Dave Smith
Red Cross publishes new Move-On Report

In 2014, the British Red Cross published its first report on the refugee move-on period entitled The move-on period: An ordeal for new refugees,.  Four years later this new report shows that, despite some positive changes in the way the system operates, nevertheless still one in five new refugees are being made homeless and destitute after gaining refugee status.

The 28 day move-on period is still in force, and the new Universal Credit system, with built-in delays before the first payment is made, have cancelled out any improvements, leaving many newly granted refugees reliant on support from the Red Cross and other charities. In the first six months of 2018 nearly 10,000 destitute refugees and people seeking asylum were supported by the Red Cross. Of those, nearly one in five had refugee status.

The full report, with its recommendations, can be read here.