Dave Smith
NACCOM launches new report into Refugee Homelessness

The new report, Mind The Gap - One  Year On, shows that, despite some improvements in the way that the Home Office deals with refugees moving on from asylum accommodation when they are granted refugee status, many newly granted refugees are still being made homeless and being forced to access night shelter accommodation provided by charities.

Taking evidence from the same three night shelters that shared their information last year, the report shows that virtually nothing has changed, and that it is still extremely difficult to avoid poverty and homelessness after the 28 days that refugees are given to leave their asylum accommodation. Key issues identified were the gaps in advice and support when seeking accommodation, the effect of Universal Credit and Right to Rent legislation, and reliance on charities for support due to a lack of social and private housing options. 

The most urgent recommendation is increasing the move-on period to 56 days: increasing integration loans and abolishing the Right to Rent legislation are also seen as key to successful move-on.

The full report can be found here.