Redcliffe College
Refugee Worker Online Training

Redcliffe College has developed an online training package for people who work with refugees and asylum seekers. It is a four-part course which takes roughly twelve hours in total to complete: the first half of the course is in the areas of cultural adaptation, stress and trauma for the refugees and asylum seekers and how to respond, and the second half is around stress and trauma for those working with refugees, secondary trauma, avoiding and recovering from burnout, and self-care.

The sessions consist of a mixture of short video lectures, readings, reflections and activities, with a resources section at the end.

Redcliffe is a Christian college but we have designed the course to be suitable for users of all faiths or none: there is one fairly short section which is Christian-specific and Bible-based but there is clear wording beforehand that anyone doing the course for whom this is irrelevant can skip this section.

The course is done in your own time: once a person has paid they have access to the material for a year. People can do it either on their own, or with colleagues or a team.

It costs £80 for an individual; if a group of four or more do it they can have a discount, although each person still has to pay for a license, at a slightly reduced rate. Please contact Andrew Downing our Business Manager to request this discount, on accountant@redcliffe.ac.uk.
Here is a link to more information and to access the course: https://learn.redcliffe.ac.uk/courses/refugee-worker-training/

If you have any questions, or would like further information, please contact the course facilitator Rosie Button on rbutton@redcliffe.ac.uk.