Jesuit Refugee Service
Being Human in the Asylum System

This report is the culmination of many years of listening carefully to refugees and asylum seekers and documenting theirstories and experience. It draws on the work of the JRS front-line caseworkers, legal advice team and detention outreach team. It also draws on primary research by theologian Dr Anna Rowlands and by our Senior Policy Officer, Dr Sophie Cartwright.
We publish our reflections at a critical moment: COVID-19 has revealed to us
the depth of our human connectivity across the world and provides us with
an opportunity to reimagine our structures from scratch. The Home Office,
by contrast, have just published their latest proposals to reform the asylum
system, which seek not to set a fresh direction, but to build, exponentially,
on the injustices of the past.
The Jesuit Refugee Service is a Catholic organisation. It has drawn on the
social teachings of the Church to imagine a new approach to reforming the
asylum system, one that places the human person at the centre and promotes a society founded in justice. At stake here is protection for asylum seekers seeking sanctuary; but what is also at stake is the very fabric of our society itself and its possibility for survival and flourishing.
This report is dedicated to all the refugees and asylum seekers JRS UK has
accompanied, whose wisdom, friendship and humour sustains and inspire this work.

You can find out more, including a very helpful introduction that sets out the core principles. and the full downloadable report, on the JRS website here.