British Red Cross and VOICES Network
We Want to be Strong, but we don't have the Chance.

The report explores the first-hand experiences of 47 women who have gone, or are going, through the asylum process in the UK. Ten of the women are research advisors from the VOICES Network.

Sharlu Rajen, an ambassador for the VOICES Network, explained: "When the New Plan for Immigration was announced in March 2021, the government committed to protecting vulnerable women and children. However, women with first-hand experience of the asylum system feel their views and experiences were not considered when this plan was developed. By contrast, this report aims to bring the experiences of women seeking asylum to the forefront of asylum reform. If women with lived experience had been consulted when devising previous asylum policies or the New Plan for Immigration, research papers like this would not need to exist."

You can download the 50-page report here.