How Can You Help? Unaccompanied Minors

Among the hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing north through Europe from Asia and Africa, there are a large number under the age of 18. Many of these are unaccompanied minors. Some have lost all of their family, perhaps in the chaos of Syria or to Islamic terrorists such as Al-Qaeda or ISIS in Iraq and Afghanistan; others feel they have no hope of a future, have left family behind and are trying to reach relatives in Europe. Most have walked thousands of miles to reach their destination in northern Europe, which they believe offers the best chance of safety and prospects for a future, rather than the overcrowded and overstretched southern countries such as Italy, Hungary and Greece.

Many have tried to reach the UK, risking life and limb to cross the Channel in the back of a sealed lorry or lying over a wheel arch. Most never get beyond the ramshackle camps in Calais and Dunkirk, and some have died in the attempt.

What awaits them if they do reach the UK? How are they treated? Find out more in the Quick Guide to Unaccompanied Minors.